Today I talk about taking risks and not getting swamped by analysis.


Last week, we talked about the word commitment, what it means, and how it shows up in our daily lives. This got me thinking about the phrase “paralysis by analysis.” We want the most information we can get to make the best decision and reach the best outcome. While it’s nice to have all the right information, the consequence is a huge loss of production.

I realize now that I faced “paralysis by analysis” because I feared being wrong, making mistakes, and not choosing the best decision. Then I got a piece of advice that changed everything. Even bad action will outperform a lack of action every single time, so don’t let it take you 20 years to figure it out like it took me. Go out there and take some risks. Take action because even if you’re wrong, you’re already further ahead than those who took no action at all.

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