Today’s next millionaire mindset tip, I will talk about how to use the 4-1-1 calendar.

For our last millionaire mindset coaching tip, we talked about the GPS plan, also known as the 1-3-5 plan. As you may remember, this is a simple one-page business plan to help you achieve your goals. If you do not have your plan in place, you can rewatch the video here

Our goal now is to turn your to-do list into a success list. This simple template for weekly, monthly, and annual planning turns your “one thing” intentions into actions. 

Begin with your annual goal in mind and then drill down into the monthly and weekly milestones you must achieve to hit that goal. I look at monthly goals as my parking lot. This is where I put the strategies for my 4-1-1 that I intend to work on for the month. I then begin the process of unpacking these items from the monthly goals into the weekly goals. The weekly goals are a must-do list, not a task list. Goals, after all, are a dictator of action.

“The 1-3-5 plan combined with the 4-1-1 calendar will create the success you deserve.”

Once the goal is unpacked into weekly must-do items, the next step is to calendar those items to actually get them done. Each weekend, I create my 4-1-1 success list and calendar the most important things I need to get done. When adding must-do’s to your calendar, remember to leave plenty of white space, because real estate is a business that is expandable. You will need time to take care of working in your business as well as working on your business, so it is important not to have a schedule that is overfilled.  

I am usually able to finish between three and five must-do’s per week from each of the four categories in the 4-1-1. Do not try to do more than seven.

By the time I show up to the office, I have my must-do calendar set, which helps bulletproof myself from myself. I simply show up and follow what is on my calendar. Like I require of all my coaching clients, review and update your 4-1-1 on a weekly business and do it away from the office before the week starts to amplify your success. 

The 1-3-5 plan combined with the 4-1-1 calendar and a disciplined approach to that calendar will create the success you deserve. 

If you have any questions about today’s topic, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to discuss the 4-1-1 calendar with you further.