How to use priorities and strategies to achieve your goals this year.

You should have your 2023 goals set already, but what do you do now? Goals are dictated by our actions, so if we don’t know what actions we need to take to accomplish our goals, it’s likely that we’re not going to hit the desired outcomes for the new year.

To help with this, my team and I use a tool called G.P.S., which stands for goals, priorities, and strategies. To accomplish your goal, you need to have several priorities in place. Once you have your priorities, you need up to five strategies that help you accomplish those priorities. For example, if your skill set is something you’re trying to improve, your strategy could include mastering the market of the moment or overcoming buyer/seller objections.

The key to hitting your goal is to chop it up into smaller pieces that you can tackle every day or week. Stack those things together and you’ll get to your destination.

Call, text, or email us if you’re motivated to hit your goals but don’t quite know how to build your business plan. In 15 minutes, we can show you how to implement the G.P.S. system in your own business. We look forward to helping you!