We’ve all run outdoors. Many have taken a stroll on a treadmill. And while both allow you to complete a run, there is one major difference: when you are outdoors, you have the choice to run, stop, slow down or accelerate. On a treadmill, you select a speed and you just go and hope to keep pace.

I use this example because many times as business owners and leaders, we find ourselves starting on a task, a strategic plan or other project, only to slow down or stop short and quit before we hit the goal…..usually because we got uncomfortable. Or, we think through the “plan” to the point where we become paralyzed (ever heard the phrase, “paralysis by analysis”)?

What will happen when we approach our business and our lives as if we are on a treadmill - that meaning, jump on and keep up? We have to keep pace with the expectations, strategy and plan, even when we get tired, bored or feel like the results are not happening fast enough. To slow down would be hazardous to you achieving the mission.

As you approach the new week, consider all that will be yours when we think less and act more!