We continue with points three and four of the six steps to success.

I wanted to come back today and continue in this short series on The Science of Success. If you missed our first video, we went through the first two principles of the six personal perspectives that lead to the science of success, which were: self-mastery and the 80/20 rule. If you missed that, go back and check it out here. Continuing from where we left off last time, let’s dive into points number three and points number four.

Point number three is moving from E to P. Let me explain how this works: Moving from E to P simply means going from entrepreneurial to purposeful. Entrepreneurial are the things that come naturally to us. At times, it’s easy for us; if we just stay entrepreneurial, we hit constant ceilings of achievement. It’s only when we become purposeful in learning, growing, and doing things at a different level that we take that step up and stop hitting that ceiling of achievement. Become purposeful rather than just staying entrepreneurial. 

“Entrepreneurial are the things that come naturally to us.”

Point number four is a learning-based mindset. Those who are open to learning and have that continuous student mindset tend to go further and achieve results at a higher level than those who are not. If you think you know it all, it probably means you need to get yourself into a separate room and not be the smartest person in that room. 

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