Many forget that you have to do unsexy things to get the sexy life.

I was recently at a training conference with other Realtors. At one point during the presentation, the energy took a nosedive because of the content. The presenter was talking about all the required fundamentals that Realtors must deploy daily in order to have a sexy, luxurious life.

“When we do the fundamentals at a high level, we start living the life we want.”

In my years of talking with and recruiting agents, almost everybody wants to get into the business for what I call the three F’s: freedom, flexibility, and finances. All of these are great reasons to get into real estate. In fact, most of your mega-agents have these, but it comes at the cost of doing unsexy things.

My 10-year-old son wants to be a great soccer player, but he’s not all in on the fundamentals like drills and practice. Until he commits to these soccer fundamentals, he won’t be playing up to his potential.

We covered these unsexy real estate fundamentals in a previous video. These activities are mundane and monotonous. However, when we do them at a high level, we start living the life we want. If you have any questions or would like to set up a 30-minute consultation to dive into your business, please call, text, or email me. I look forward to hearing from you.