The steps every new agent should take to help grow their business.

Today, we’ll be discussing the next steps every new agent should be taking to build their business.

1. Document your journey. In this world of social media, I think just about everybody has Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Whatever social media that you’re on, document your journey and let people know what’s going on. Do not be a silent agent in this world of social media. This is such an easy and free way of letting people know that you’re in real estate. However, you need to offer value every time you’re doing a social media post.

2. Have direct asks. Ask your contact list who they know, who’s looking to buy or sell, and if they’re looking for a complimentary market analysis on their home. Without those direct asks, you’re probably leaving business on the table.

“Do not be a silent agent in this world of social media.”

3. Market yourself to agents in feeder markets. In Utah, we have a lot of people moving in from California, so we directed our team to connect with agents in the big metro areas of California. Now they have opportunities to procure additional business just through referrals as people move east to Utah. If you reach out to them, make a connection, and offer value, you’ll get some referral business from them before you know it.

We’ll be back with some more steps that every new agent should take to build their business. Until then, have a great and profitable week, and reach out to us if you have any other questions.