Rome was not built in a day - and neither are any of our results or personal triumphs.

We all see the gyms packed January 2nd, then nearly void of those New Years “resolutioners” by months end. Like these wanna be gym rats who are looking for the next quick fix, many business owners are looking for their own magic bullet to get the Instant results.

We all know this never works - much like counting on winning the lottery to solve our financial needs.

What does work is always being a student of your game and realizing we are on a journey and not a destination. When you take this approach and simply get 1% better each day, week and month, what we get is a result that is much bigger and more sustainable than any short term “quick fix”. 

With a month already behind us for 2020, are you playing the long game and using the 1% rule to ensure by years end you have hit your goals; or are you approaching each day looking for that days Unicorn? 

Take action TODAY- regardless of how small the progress is,  and watch your small, incremental steps grow into something measurable and significant.