Today I explain my third tip to win as a buyer in today’s market.


I’m back with another tip to help buyers win. Today we’re going to be talking about the pre-approval letter itself. There are many different types from many different organizations out there but I have to ask, do you have the golden ticket? You’re probably asking, what is the golden ticket? 

It is simply a pre-approval that’s fully desktop underwritten. It is, in essence, a cash offer in the seller’s eyes. If you’re getting a pre-qualification or just a generic pre-approval, I’m going to encourage you to work with your lender and make sure they can give you a desktop underwritten pre-approval.

Make sure when you communicate with the listing agent that you tell them you have a desktop underwritten pre-approval. Educate them on what that is. Many of them won’t know and you will increase the likelihood of you winning with a buyer by simply having that golden ticket.

“It is, in essence, a cash offer in the seller’s eyes.”

Make contact with your lender this week. I challenged you last week to do the same thing in regards to having that lender reach out to the listing agent. One call can accomplish a couple of things today. Get that rapport with your lender intact-that way you have a better way of increasing your odds of winning with your buyer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Next week will be tip number four. Until then, have a great day.