Do you have a learning or growth-based mindset?

We define a learning-based individual as someone who uses effective learning as the foundation of their action plan. 

Did you ever have that “Aha!” moment in school or sometime in your career where you figured out that the more you learned, the less you knew? In other words, the moment you discovered that you know what you know, but there’s more to know?

We like to think that when you invest in training, education, or coaching, you plan on actually doing something with that newfound knowledge. Knowing for knowing’s sake leads to nothing. 

You know those perennial seminar attendees who seem to know everything, but once you “look under the hood” of their business, you realize they’re only running on two or three cylinders? 

Knowing for doing’s sake shows up as productivity on the outside, and the people who appear to be enlightened are showing you what knowing for doing’s sake looks like on the inside—both lead to higher actualization. 

Keep in mind, we’re talking about effective learning. Not everything that’s taught in our industry is effective. Training on proven models and proven systems leads to that productivity. In fact, we’ve invested over $250,000 into our training, coaching, and education, and all of it would’ve been worthless if we failed to apply that knowledge. 

So be like Nike: Just do it. After all, school is never out for a true professional. 

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