Here’s a tip to help you get a win for your buyers: Call the listing agent.


Today is the first segment in my new series about how to win with buyers. 

This week I hosted an open house for a listing, and we received 15 to 20 offers. However, out of all those offers, I only heard from two of those agents. If you’re working with buyers, you need to reach out to the listing agent. Find out what the seller’s needs and wants are, then take that information back to your buyer to see if they’re able and willing to write the offer using what you learned. Then you’ll have what you need to write an offer that’s extremely attractive to the seller.

“Get a win for your buyers by calling the listing agent.”

One of the real estate agents that reached out to me called three days in a row to ask what else their client could do. I asked my seller what exactly they’d like in an offer, then I presented it to that buyer’s agent. Then, wouldn’t you know it, that was the offer that got chosen out of all the others. It wasn’t the highest-priced offer, but all the other terms met what the seller truly wanted. All it took was a few phone calls. So get a win for your buyers by calling the listing agent.

If you have questions about how to call a listing agent or any other real estate topic, call or email me. I would love to help you.