We’re back with Part 8 of our 12-part Shift series, and this time we’ll be talking about how to utilize staging during a market shift. 

Presentation matters. This is true in both real estate and in life. 

To illustrate this, think back to the last time you went out for a nice meal. If you spend $50 on a single plate of food, you undoubtedly expect that dish to be worth the price, right? Even if it tasted great, you’d probably be disappointed if it was served to you in a slop bucket. 

Upscale restaurants know that the first bite their patrons take is with their eyes. This is true of buyers in the real estate market, as well. Buyers only care to think about a home’s features and amenities after they’ve been wowed by its appearance. 

Sellers who take the time to stage their homes will sell for more money and in less time than those who don’t. In fact, a review of over 2,800 properties in eight cities found that staged homes sold 50% faster and for 6.3% more than their unstaged counterparts. 

“You never get a second chance at a first impression”

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so your seller’s home needs to look its absolute best if you want to attract buyers. After the home is staged, have professional photographs taken and then put them online in the following order: curb appeal, entryway, kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, living areas, other areas, and, finally, the backyard. 

One great way to instantly improve a home’s appearance is by giving it a coat of fresh paint. Paint is cheap but can add a lot of value. Also, make sure your sellers clear their homes of clutter. Buyers want to see a clean slate, not someone else’s messy living space. It’s all about the little fixes. After all, pennies make dollars. 

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