Your business is your database.

Today, I’ll be giving you what is needed to make the most out of that database. We’ll begin with the importance of a good CRM.

A Customer Representative Management(CRM) tool allows you to manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with customers. With CRM systems, a real estate agent stays connected to customers, streamlines processes, and improves profitability.

While most think of CRM as a way to keep track of sales and other things, we see it as a solution to keep track of relationships with customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers. This extends to finding new customers and providing support into the future.

“With CRM systems, a real estate agent stays connected to customers, streamlines processes, and improves profitability.”

The best CRM service is one that you will use. There is a multitude of inexpensive options to choose from, such as Top Producer, Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Contactually, REthink, and many more.

A good system will give you:

  1. A clear overview of your customers
  2. The ability to see everything in one place
  3. A customizable dashboard
  4. Previous history with customers
  5. Order status
  6. Outstanding customer service issues

Other CRMs can be quite expensive, though they often offer many additional features. These are primarily meant for those who are managing large teams.

A good CRM will also allow you to create a customizable action plan for your database, as well as for current clients. This can help ensure that you apply the same level of service to each client and never miss a call or deadline. You should also be able to set up recurring appointments and create action plans for clients.

An important thing a CRM should do is source all your contacts. It’s important to know where your business is coming from, whether it’s from internet ads, phone calls, or referrals. The CRM you choose should allow you to add multiple sources to any contact type, allowing for easy sorting later.

With the help of a CRM, you can show up and deal with the important stuff first. You clear these action items and get on with your day. Your only other focus is then to add to the database and CRM, causing your business to grow.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.