Here’s how you can improve yourself to having a purposeful mindset.

Today in the third installment of our “Six Personal Perspectives” series, we’re discussing moving from “E” to “P” — moving from an entrepreneurial to a purposeful perspective. We all have habits and behaviors that come naturally to us, things that we’re naturally good at that don’t take much effort. Those are things you can pull out when you need them and keep your productivity at a certain level. All of that is entrepreneurial.

To get to the next level, you need to have breakthroughs. A breakthrough requires that you’re purposeful. As an example, a couple of years ago my business was cruising along levelly, and then I hired a coach. That coach cost me some money and time out of my calendar each month, but I was purposefully doing something different than I’d been before, so it allowed me to have the next breakthrough. Since I was being purposeful, my business saw an upward trajectory. As time went on, that trajectory started to level off too, so I needed to find an additional way to be purposeful and get another breakthrough.

“Since I was being purposeful, my business saw an upward trajectory.”

We’re gifted with entrepreneurial mindsets and do our jobs well, but what can you improve today just by being purposeful and doing things differently? When you change something to increase whatever it is you’re trying to improve, you’ll know you’ve had a breakthrough and have moved from E to P.

We’ll come back next time with our fourth personal perspective. If you have questions about these personal perspectives or anything else, call us. We would love to help you.