Self care: “In the unlikely event of cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will automatically release from the compartment above…place the mask on yourself first before attempting to help others.”

If you’ve flown once or are the weekly road warrior, we’ve all heard this. But why is it said this way and what does it mean to us?

In a real life emergency, like the one described, where the oxygen masks actually get used, if every passenger was simply focusing on helping others before themselves, many would succumb due to a lack of oxygen and wouldn’t be in a position to help with the bigger mission.

In life, we should take this same approach -  in order for each of us to be the best husband, wife, friend, coach and business partner, it is critical that we are the best version of ourselves first.

Some things to consider:

• Do you have scheduled time off? Time for vacations or “staycations”? Do you schedule regular time with loved ones?

• What does your physical care look like: Do you hit the gym? Yoga? CrossFit?

• How about your mind…spiritual, meditation, prayer? Do you actively read, journal and leave time daily for self reflection and gratitude?

To be our best, both individually as well as to others we lead and care for, We need to take care of ourselves first! We need to place the oxygen mask on ourselves before We can ever think of doing the same for others.

People may say this is selfish. They may be correct. However, in this case I believe being selfish is the first big step to becoming selfless.