Here’s how your limiting beliefs keep you from achieving more.

Over the last month, we have gone over four principles that, when applied, will help you achieve at a higher level in your business or personal life. Today we want to share the fifth principle in our “Science of Success” series: removing limiting beliefs.

There is something called the 40% rule. What it means is that when we’ve hit what we think is a plateau, we’ve only really hit 40% of our actual potential. This is something that the Navy SEALs have proven and practiced. In their case, it relates to physical exertion, but it also relates to your mindset. 

“When we go all in, we can typically do much more than 40%.”

If you train your mind properly, you can remove any beliefs you have about what you think you can’t do and push yourself to achieve much more. This shows up in our businesses, our relationships, and our finances.

We challenge you today to identify those limiting beliefs in your life. Maybe you think you can only grow your business a little bit, or maybe you think you’re too old to take up a new hobby. Dive in; don’t be reckless, but dive in. When we go all in like this, we can typically do much more, certainly more than 40%.

If you have any questions about this or other real estate topics, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help.